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Holy Week Resources - Worship and Faith Formation

Holy Week Resources - Worship and Faith Formation

As we prepare for Holy Week and Easter - Jesus' journey to the depths and to resurrection - we are doing so in a much different way.  As such, your synod staff and committees are working to provide some resources for you.

For your Holy Week experience, your synod staff is providing the following:

  • Maundy Thursday sermon, by Pr. Everett Flanigan
  • Good Friday meditation on the seven last words of Jesus, by Ms. Melissa Fuller Sims
  • Easter Vigil experience from our synod worship team
  • Easter Sunday sermon by Bishop Kevin Strickland.

All of these experiences can be found on our sermon / worship page on our synod website.

Keep checking back to this page as we add these resources for you from our synod staff.

FAITH FORMATION RESOURCES for children, youth, and young adults, check out synod Youth & Young Adult website.

Online Gatherings and Assistance from the Synod Staff

We are aware that many congregations are suspending worship activities at this time.  To aid in communications, we are asking that you fill out this form, which will be updated periodically.  We are also posting this request on Facebook, and will incorporate those responses as quickly as we can.

As the synod staff, we are providing several services for all of you in the wake of so many church/community closings:
  1. Redeemer, Atlanta, is providing a livestream of their worship service here, Sunday, March 29, 2020, at 11:00am EST.  Redeemer  LC will be streaming a jazz worship service led by Pr Mark Larson with Pr Jenny McLellan preaching.  For the health of this community, worship leaders will be leading remotely.
  2. Synod Staff are recording weekly sermons for your use here.
  3. Locations to deal with local food insecurities.
For information on how to live-stream your own worship services, create online gathering spaces for small groups, or how to text out messages to your congregation members, please visit our ONLINE WORSHIP RESOURCES page.

Finally, if you are a college student displaced by for any reason, or if you are willing to house any displaced college students, please read this news article from Pr. Andrew Rickel (Grace House on Georgia Tech campus).

Sermons from Your Synod Staff (In English and Spanish)

The Bishop and Assistants are filming sermons for this Sunday and the next few weeks; we will post them here and host on our synod YouTube channel. This Sunday’s sermon (April 5, 2020) is from Pastor Matt Steinhauer, Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Advocacy. Pastor Michael L. Jannett is posting these and continuing to post resources.

Click here to see the video or to download a written copy of our weekly sermons.  (English and Spanish videos available.)

+Bishop Kevin Strickland

2020 ELCA Southeastern Synod Assembly CANCELLED

Dear Church,

Please take a moment to read Bishop Strickland's Pastoral Letter Regarding the Cancellation of the 2020 Synod Assembly.

Please click on the link here for that letter.

A response to the Middle Tennessee Tornado

Updated Sunday, March 12, 2020, 10:06pm EST

How has the Southeastern Synod been responding?  Check out this blog post by Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Advocacy Pr. Matt Steinhauer.   We've been up to quite a lot!

Click HERE for pictures of relief efforts and cleanup, worship resources, ways to direct your material and financial resources, and HOW TO VOLUNTEER!

We wish to thank everyone for their concerns about the devastating tornado damage in middle Tennessee.   We are still gathering information and will post a response soon.  For now, please consider making a donation to our disaster response ministry by CLICKING HERE TO DONATE, or by clicking “GIVE NOW” in the menu and designate for Southeastern Synod Disaster Response.
Please keep all affected in your prayers.
Thank you.
+ In Christ, the Southeastern Synod Staff

G2 - Generosity and Gratitude

Looking for ways to respond to God’s generous and unbounded blessings?
Have a passion for generosity and want to share?
Seeking new life and resources for your congregation’s stewardship program?

Then go to our synod stewardship page ( for resources and to learn about our G2 - Generosity and Gratitude webinar. 

We have had to cancel in person workshops, but stewardship carries on.

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