2021 - Memorials and Resolutions

The Reference and Counsel Committee for the 2021 Southeastern Synod Assembly would like to remind congregations and members of the Southeastern Synod that the deadline for resolutions or memorials to be submitted to be considered during the 2021 Southeastern Synod Assembly on June 5, 2021 must be submitted to the Reference and Council Committee by 5 pm on April 23, 2021.  Resolutions or Memorials can be submitted to be considered by submitting the Resolutions/Memorial Form listed below. 
Resolutions and memorials can be submitted by both individuals and congregation directed to either the Southeastern Synod or the ELCA.  Memorials address broad policy issues and are addressed to be considered for action every three years by the Churchwide Assembly. Resolutions have a narrower focus and are a request consideration or action by the Synod Council, the Southeastern Synod, Congregations of the Southeastern Synod, the ELCA churchwide organization or the ELCA Church Council.  Resolutions allow for a more timely response.
Any resolution or memorial submitted to the 2021 Synod Assembly will be reviewed by the Reference and Council Committee and will be brought to the 2021 Synod Assembly for with a recommendation from Reference and Council for action by the 2021 Synod Assembly. 

When writing a memorial or resolution the issue should be necessary to the life and ministry of this church, it should consider if those it is addressed to have the authority to do what is required and it should use noninflammatory and nonargumentative language and they can request but cannot direct the actions of those they are addressed to.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the submission of either a resolution or memorial, please contact Pastor Jill Henning at jhenning@elca-ses.org .