2023 - Memorials and Resolutions

Resolutions and Memorial Deadlines: Friday, May 12, 2023 by 5:00 pm

(Submit a Resolution or Memorial at the bottom if this page.)

Resolutions and Memorial to be addressed by the 2023 Southeastern Synod Assembly must be submitted to the synod office by 5:00 PM Eastern on May 12, 2023, as determined by the Synod Constitution (S11.01.32.A12).

When submitting a resolution or memorial they must be written in the proper language found in Robert’s Rules of Order. Normally, the “Whereas” clause(s) describe the issue, concern, problem or basis of the resolution and the “Resolved” clause(s) point to proposed solutions and define request action. “Resolved” clauses should clearly define: What should be done? Who should act? What the action may cost and how it is to be funded? When the action should be done? To who the results should be reported?

Resolutions cannot direct the Synod Council or ELCA Church Council to take specific action. A resolution represents a request. Likewise, a memorial of a Synod Assembly cannot direct or demand that the Churchwide Assembly vote in a particular way. A memorial, by definition, is a petition appealing for action.

Resolutions and Memorials may be submitted from congregations, conferences, the Southeastern Synod Lutheran Youth Organization or a group of at least 15 voting members of the assembly and submitted by the deadline.  

For more information regarding a resolution or memorial to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly or the ELCA organization or ELCA Council please check out the link here.

To submit an resolution or memorial to be considered at the 2023 Southeastern Synod Assembly please submit using the form that can be found at the bottom of this page.

S11.01.32.A12 Resolutions must be submitted to the synod office by 5 pm on the Friday that precedes by three weeks the start of a synod assembly, in order to be considered by that assembly’s Committee on Reference and Counsel. Resolutions submitted after this deadline will not be considered unless the issue is of such an immediate and urgent nature that it clearly cannot be postponed until the next assembly, as determined by either the Committee on Reference and Counsel or the Synod Council.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the submission of either a resolution or memorial, please contact Pastor Jill Henning at jhenning@elca-ses.org .