About Us

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The Southeastern Synod is made up of 160 congregations and new starts across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  As one of 65 synods in the ELCA, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the communities that we serve.  Together we extend our ministry and our reach around the country and around the world.  

A synod is not just the synod office and its staff which is co-located with St. John's Lutheran Church in Atlanta, GA.  The Southeastern Synod is everyone in all of our congregations.  We embrace what ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton has said about who we are:  We are church.  We are Lutheran.  We are church together.  We are church for the sake of the world.

The Southeastern Synod's highest legislative body is its annual Synod Assembly.  Between assemblies it is governed by the Synod Council.  The synod is served by Bishop Kevin L. Strickland and a synod staff.

Beyond the work of these bodies and the synod staff, our ministry is carried out by numerous committees and task forces and in cooperation with our many ministry partners.  We are grateful for our ministry partnerships and for the countless volunteers who share their time and their resources.  We could not be church without deep relationships. 

Our shared ministry is funded through mission support (also referred to as benevolence).  Mission support is received in the synod office from our congregations.  As a partner in the ELCA, we share 43% of mission support receipts with the ELCA to fund ministries that we could never do alone.  Learn more about mission support here.  

As the symbol on our homepage indicates, we are proud to be a Reconciling in Christ Synod.  Learn more about what that means here.