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Contact your U.S. Senator (email, phone, or snail mail) and ask them to please increase the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program) benefit for our neighbors in need.  Here are some talking points that you may copy and paste into an email, or put these in your own words. If you have personal experience with, or know someone who is able to feed themselves and their family because of SNAP, make your communication personal. This is a request for a TEMPORARY increase of 15%, just like the one enacted in the Great Recession, 10 years ago.

Messaging points for email or phone call to U.S. Senators from your state

In any economic crisis, the risk of hunger always increases in our communities as unemployment and financial hardships rise. Congress should increase the maximum Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit by 15 percent during this emergency to ensure households have enough resources to avoid the hard choice of choosing between paying for their bills or for food. Funding for Puerto Rico's Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) must also be extended beyond provisions’ July 31st expiration which leaves 190,000 vulnerable people without food access benefits.

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History of Advocacy in the Southeastern Synod:

In 2016 the Southeastern Synod received a grant from the ELCA churchwide organization to establish the ELCA's first multi-state advocacy organization.  In January 2017 the Synod Council officially established the Advocacy Policy Council, the purpose of which is to set goals, objectives and policy direction for the Southeastern Synod.