Reflections from the Southeastern Synod Green Team

April 10, 2017
Happy Spring to All!  I’m Barbara Boyce, a member of Christ Lutheran Church, Fairfield Glade, TN.  Carolyn Karl, also a member of Christ, and I are sharing our thoughts as members of the Southeastern Synod Green Team.  We love our Tennessee trees and lakes, walking trails by wetlands and so much more.  This month, we want to reflect upon the Easter season, renewal and the Celebration of Reformation 500.

Evidence of Resurrection in the world around you:

How can you not believe in the coming of life from what you thought was dead when you walk in God’s creation on these beautiful Spring days?  The dried out bulb that you planted last fall is now an amazing daffodil.  The dormant forsythia is now covered in yellow flowers even before the green leaves appear! The sun feels warm.  Even YOU are feeling God’s embrace telling you that life is good and that He loves you.  Along with Lenten Worship services that we are experiencing, we are assured that after death- will come the Resurrection!  We encourage you to get out and bathe in God’s creation these incredible Spring days.

Involve yourself in activities in your community.  In Crossville, TN, our young people are planting 400 trees on Arbor Day.  Our community college is providing raised beds for people to use to grow their own vegetables.  Start a garden of your own…with a friend.  Watching things grow and reaping the fruits of your labors to share them with others is an awesome experience.

April and Earth Day/Weekend is a good time to start honoring Martin Luther’s Care for Creation.   In past years, our CLC Green Team has held a plant sale so that those without space for a garden could still enjoy a flowering plant, vegetable or homemade birdhouses to replace trees and nesting areas destroyed by storms.  This year, our team and friends will meet Sunday afternoon, 4/23, to do a church grounds cleanup and some flower planting followed by a Chili supper.  What can you do for fun and fellowship?

Don’t forget to check in at for your youth resources, great fun!

Christ Lutheran is using the Reformation 500 materials in many ways.  We have started sharing the bulletin inserts provided on the Sourcebook disc.  Chapters found in the Sourcebook have been helpful to me in planning our Adult forum following worship.  Our “Year of Grace” is blossoming…

The website:  oldlutheran.comprovides celebration resources via a gift shop including clothing, Lutheran jewelry, banners and signs, group specials (incl. t-shirts).  Their Marketplace has ELCA Youth Gathering items and Reformation items.  The Word is alive and it indeed was for Martin Luther.  A life-size peel & stick template for Martin and Katie are also found on this site.  Maybe Martin will attend a fundraising dinner or s board meeting.  Where will he be found watching over your days? Maybe you’ll see him at Southeastern Synod Assembly…