2017 Care for Creation

December 15, 2016
My wife Frankie and I participated in a Citizens' Climate Lobby Day soon after the election. The news is not good for creation care. They had heard from Republican and Democratic sources that immediately after the new Congress begins, the Keystone Pipeline will be re-authorized, all public lands will be open for excavation, the Clean Power Plan will be cancelled, and the EPA could be reduced to an advisory agency. 

Those who are concerned about the earth can no longer look to the Federal government to be the watchdog for God's earth. It is the time for the church, denominations, synods, congregations, and the people of God to step forward and lead our nation towards protecting what God, through God's grace and love, has given us to keep and pass on to future generations.

Individually, or as a congregation, or as a synod, we, alone, cannot change what is projected to happen from governmental actions. However, we can let our voices be heard as followers, disciples of Jesus, as we care for this earth through individual and congregational effort.

The Green Team wants to help. We will provide interest-free loans to congregations that commit to an energy audit. Green Team members will be available for presentations. Team members will also be available for conversation by email or phone. Information will be made available in the synod's newsletter and on the Green Team Facebook page.


2017 is the 500th year of the Reformation. Let's make it a radical one as we commit to earth care and assist in reforming it. After all, the earth is God's work. It's in our hands.

The Rev. Ed. Wolff, Retired
Chair, The Green Team