August 2023 Disaster Response Blog

July 31, 2023


There is hot, and then there is hot! Extreme heat is a period of high heat and humidity with temperatures above 90 degrees for at least two to three days. In extreme heat your body works extra hard to maintain a normal temperature, which can lead to death. Extreme heat is responsible for the highest number of annual deaths among all weather-related hazards. []

Check out how to care for yourself, your pets, your neighbors in times of extreme heat by clicking the links below.  


Hurricanes can have devastating impacts on our coasts but also inland as well. Make sure you have your hurricane preparedness underway as we enter this season with warmer than ever waters on our coasts and the potential for even more dangerous hurricanes.

Click on the links below for more information on how to prepare for the event of a hurricane.

Disaster Updates, as of July 28, 2023

2023 has been a rough year for disasters so far! We are responding to eleven plus areas impacted by disasters that have occurred in our four states.  Our disaster ministry team is active in many of the communities impacted and helping in their recovery. We give thanks for these dedicated people who offer their gifts and expertise in disaster response to the communities dealing with disasters.

  • Moss Point 2023 Tornadoes – Pastor Tom Clark and Jon Biggs
  • Louisville 2023 Floods – Pastor Stacey Parvin
  • Amory 2023 Tornadoes – Pastor Stacey Parvin
  • Jackson 2022 Tornadoes/ Floods/ Water Crisis – Pastor Stacey Parvin and Pastor Tom Clark

  • Griffin 2023 Tornadoes – Pastor Larry Boudon, Pastor Katie Pasch and the congregation St John’s in Griffin
  • West Pointe/ La Grange 2023 Tornadoes – Pastor Patti Axel and the congregation Advent Lutheran Church in LaGrange

  • Waverly 2021 Floods – Beth Smith and Jeff Lyscyzyn
  • Readyville 2023 Tornadoes – Jeff Lyscyzy and Beth Smith
  • Mid/West TN 2021 & 2023 Tornadoes - Beth Smith and Jeff Lyscyzyn

  • Prattville 2023 Tornadoes – John Boettner
  • Selma 2023 Tornadoes – John Boettner

Ways to Help: Volunteer opportunities
  • Mission Teams for long-term recovery needed in Waverly, TN; Griffin, GA; Selma, AL
  • Mission Teams needed for muck and gut and clean up after the recent floods in Louisville, MS
  • On the horizon – Long-term recovery mission teams will be needed in Amory, MS; Moss Point, MS and in Readyville, TN [Murfreesboro TN area]
  • Making back to home or starting over boxes [Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom] for families getting back into their homes or into a new apartment after a disaster
  • Donate funds as you are able for the ongoing disaster recovery work and to have emergency assistance funds available for new disasters.

Please continue to hold all impacted by disaster in your prayers.

God’s peace,
Pastor Morgan Gordy, Assistant to the Bishop for Disaster Ministry.
Contact for additional information – if you want to schedule a mission trip or be a part of one helping these communities recover.