Checking in with Your Members in a Time of Disaster

March 13, 2020
Just as when you are preparing for a disaster….when you are preparing for pandemic you need to be aware of who are the most vulnerable in your congregation, who might need more assistance and make plans to help address those needs should they arise.

Please take time to look at your congregational members:
  • Who is over 60 and has health problems
  • Who has difficulty making ends meet and may need food  or medication access assistance
  • Who lives alone and has no one close by checking in on them
Make your list – make a check in plan – divide the work and assign to whatever small group process you have in place or assign to health ministers, lay leaders, council members to do check ins on these individuals until the situation is cleared.

Friends, put your plan in place.

Together we work through difficult things and hold one another up in the love of Christ.

Feel free to save the graphic above and share as needed.