Listening Line Volunteers Needed

September 20, 2021

What to help out in Disaster Response but need to do it from home?

Be a Listening Line Call Volunteer!

People who have been impacted by disaster often get discouraged as they wait for the process of long term recovery to moves forward. When a community is hit by a disaster, sometimes it takes years for a family to get enough funds, materials and supplies and volunteers together to help them recover.  It is not uncommon for the survivor to feel abandoned, forgotten. And in this time of Covid 19 where people cannot gather as freely and receive the support from their community as before, these feelings are only exacerbated. 

Receiving a call periodically from someone just checking in may help offset some of the isolation and help the survivor feel they are not forgotten.  These calls may give the survivor much needed encouragement and hope as they wait for recovery.

What is a Listening Line call?

A listening line call is a phone check in on a disaster survivor who is in the process of recovery. These calls help the survivor know that they are not forgotten and are not alone in their recovery. It also allows a time for the survivor to share their story and concern and be heard.   The Listening Line volunteer can offer support and much needed encouragement to the survivor as they wait for recovery.

How does it work?

You can apply to serve as a listening line volunteer by emailing  She will then send you the application forms to complete.  Then you will attend an online two-hour orientation.  Once you have completed those activities then you are ready to be scheduled to be paired with a disaster survivor to check in on.  Your availability and the hours you wish to serve are set by you.

We hope you prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve in this ministry of care.