Ministry Moment...with Atonement LC, Atlanta

February 18, 2020
Who said you can't hang out in the beauty of creation, cook together, tell your stories to each other and plan for the future of your congregation all at the same time?  No one ever!! 

The first weekend in February, Atonement Lutheran Church (Atlanta) leadership did just that at the Holy Trinity House at Lutheranch.  Under the leadership of DEM Pastor Patti Axel and their Pastor Beverly Brown Shaw, we worshiped together, shared delicious meals, prayed, sang and dreamed big dreams for the future. 

If you are interested in doing the same thing, contact the Synod Office: Pastor Patti Axel - 678-596-3089 and let’s get scheduled.  Getting away from your usual setting is a wonderful way to unplug and focus on each other and God's mission for the church! 

Listen, God is calling!