Ministry Moment...with St. Barnabbas Episcopal Lutheran Church

February 04, 2020
What is the most basic need for any of us?  Sustenance!  Food!

When this resource is scarce, we worry, we hunger, we are afraid.

Thanks to the kind people of St. Barnabbas Episcopal Lutheran Church in Jefferson City, TN, the people surrounding the church are being fed.   St. Barnabbas just recently began a small free food pantry out in front of their property.   The food pantry is a place to put non-perishable food items, and pet food, too!

This pantry is called "The Blessing Box."   On the sign it says, "Give what you can.  Take what you need."

Several neighbors have made use of these food items.  No questions asked.  And if you can provide food for others, you can do that, too!

Some of the poorest folks we know happen to be young adults who are also college students.  Well, Carson Newman is located just a half mile from the campus of Carson Newman.    So, this is how a small(er) church can made an impact in terms of campus ministry. 

If you are interested in campus ministry, just know that food is always a great place to start!  Food could lead to conversation.  Conversations can lead to relationships.  Relationships leads to lives changed!

Many thanks to the people and leaders of St. Barnabbas!!!

So, how are you engaging in this kind of service?  What resources has God give to you and your faith community to make an impact where your ministry exists?

Here are some pics of Carson Newman...