Mock Interviews

January 21, 2020
Now Launched! 
If you're a pastor or deacon, has it been a while since you've interviewed for a new call? Or do you just want a dry run so you can be your best? The synod now has a Mock Interview Team of incredibly qualified and experienced folks (lay and retired roster) who will review your RMP and provide feedback. They'll also put you through a real live mock interview over ZOOM to practice your interview skills. They'll then provide feedback so you can be at your best for the interview.
Is your Call Committee a bit rusty with interviewing, or just wants a practice run? Let us set up a Trial Interview for your congregation. We'll provide a real live pastor or deacon for your Call Committee to interview either over ZOOM or in person. After being interviewed, the pastor/deacon will provide feedback and guidance on your process. Did your questions allow you to differentiate candidates? What questions weren't asked that should have been? Were some questions just not necessary? What are some best practices in using ZOOM for remote interviews?
Interested? Call or email Assistant to the Bishop Pastor Karen Boda to get set up.  Click here for Pastor Boda's information.