Respite Care for Rostered Ministers - A Creative Approach

February 16, 2021
Pastors, deacons, and bishops everywhere have climbed some steep learning curves this year. Now on the back side of the curve, you might be sinking down the slope and drained of creative energy — just as we as we enter our second Pandemic Lent.
What if you consider using some of your Continuing Education resources and time to participate in an on-line creative learning opportunity?
After all, your creative spark in an artistic pursuit can only add energy to your ministry.
What’s your creative interest? What artistic outlet feeds your creative energy? Here are some quick ideas to help spark a creative brainstorm:
Online classes in calligraphy, drawing, painting, poetry or creative writing, fiction writing, iconography, pottery, photography, cooking, disco-dancing…
The ideas just as endless as our interests in creative pursuits are varied!
Give it a thought or two. Send me an email or call if you like to bounce around ideas with another person. I’m excited just thinking about it!
Pauline Farrington
Pastoral Care Coordinator