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Ministry Moment...with Faith and Grace Lutheran Church, Decatur, GA

Melissa Fuller Sims - January 06, 2020

"Sharing in Abundance"

Faith and Grace Lutheran Church in Decatur GA is the combined congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church and St. Stephens Lutheran Church.  Prayerfully they continue the path to merging their congregations into one ministry that serves the surrounding communities.  Congregations that are born out of a merger know that this is not an easy undertaken.  Join me in lifting up this congregation in prayer as they faithfully do the work necessary to continue their journey.  Faith and Grace recently collected gifts for children in need.  As you see from the pictures, the congregation shared their generosity by providing toys for 46 children to make their Christmas a little brighter.  What a wonderful blessing! Thanks to Faith and Grace Lutheran Church and all the volunteers for sharing your love for Gods people.

 Ms. Melissa Fuller Sims, Assistant to the Bishop/Director for Evangelical Mission