Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services

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January 11, 2023

Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services NovusWay Ministries Job Description

  • On-site Full time
  • Salary,
  • Exempt
MISSION: To provide experiences for all people in God’s creation that inspire faith, build relationships, and transform lives.

VISION: Trusting in God’s promises, lives are transformed to love and serve as a part of inclusive communities.

NovusWay Ministries (NovusWay, Inc.) is a progressive and growing outdoor ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located across the southeastern United States that includes the camps and conference centers of Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch.

  • The Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services shall be a person committed to Jesus Christ and the church and dedicated to working in a church related organization.
  • S/he shall have a B.A. degree in accounting or a related discipline.
  • S/he shall have experience in supervising staff with the goal of mentoring, team building and developing leadership skills, along with experience in business to include an understanding of the financial needs of a not-for-profit organization to allow for sustainability and growth.
  • S/he shall have an understanding of generally accepted accounting procedures, together with fund-based accounting for not-for-profit organizations.
  • S/he shall be effective in identifying key leaders and volunteer staff, shall possess excellent people skills and practice Christian hospitality.
  • The Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services shall be supervised by the CEO of NovusWay.
  • S/he shall serve as the Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services for NovusWay Ministries and shall be responsible for all ministry financial aspects and oversight for auxiliary services.
1. The Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services shall have the following specific responsibilities:
  • Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services
  • Serve as the Director of Finance for NovusWay Ministries
  • Hire, train, and supervise business office support staff within a team structure to achieve the proper accounting checks and balances along with the necessary controls
  • Oversee NovusWay Ministries financial reporting to include weekly cash flow reports, coordination of monthly financial reports consisting of Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Endowment and Restricted Fund reports along with internal budget tracking reports
  • Responsible for internal controls for all financial-related matters and systems, including all contractual services agreements. • Responsible for a timely annual audit as dictated by financial policy
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of the annual budget together with the CEO of NovusWay and the Finance Committee
  • Manage the Capital Projects Budget together with the Senior Facilities Consultant
  • Ensure financial analysis is conducted and information is provided as needed for staff to enable a balanced budget each year.
  • Implement the endowment and restricted fund investment policies in partnership with the Finance Committee
  • Serve as staff liaison to the Finance Committee with assistance from the CEO of NovusWay
  • Any other duties as assigned with ministry growth and financial development needs
2.  Auxiliary Services:
  • Coordinate centralized purchasing of supplies and materials for all departments
  • Risk Management
    • Oversee NovusWay Ministries four site risk management, safety, health and security
  • IT
    • Oversee information technology through Business Office Support positions
  • Insurance
    • Administer insurance coverage, including property, umbrella liability, auto, directors and officers through the Business Office Support positions
  • Support the Aramark Food Service contracts at Lutheridge and other NovusWay Ministries sites
  • Volunteers
    • Identify and build positive relationships with volunteers while helping staff to provide support and direction to volunteers as they undertake office projects
3. Administration
  • As directed, support the CEO of NovusWay in the NovusWay Ministries strategic planning process
  • Provide for necessary reporting and statistics as needed by the CEO of NovusWay
  • Provide for necessary reporting and financial information as needed by ministry Executive Directors to support their work toward specific strategic objectives
  • Support An annual performance review shall be provided by the CEO of NovusWay
  • The Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services will be a member, lead, or develop various teams and committees to help accomplish the role.
    • For example, these may include but are not limited to the NovusWay Staff Executive Team, Finance Committee, NovusWay Ministries Budget Team
Compensation and Benefits
  • Salary commensurate with experience and effectiveness
  • The Director of Finance and Auxiliary Services shall be a Level III employee
  • This is an exempt position
  • Health, dental, disability insurance, pension, vacation, and annual continuing education are provided according to provisions of the NovusWay personnel policies
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