Development Officer

Employment Opportunity

February 9, 2023

NovusWay Development Officer (Full time, Salary, Exempt)

NovusWay Ministries (NovusWay, Inc.) is a progressive and growing outdoor ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located across the southeastern United States that includes the camps and conferencing centers of Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch.

The Development Officer for NovusWay Ministries shall be a person committed to Jesus Christ and the church and dedicated to working in a church related organization. S/he shall have a growing understanding and appreciation for the unique ministry of church camp and conferencing centers. S/he shall have the ability to see the job as part of a ministry and to exhibit a commitment to teamwork with other employees. S/he shall have knowledge of and at least two years of experience in fund development or related field. Experience working in a donor database preferred. S/he shall also have general abilities in organization and a work ethic that pays attention to detail. The Development Officer shall have experience working with congregations and donors. Background with the ELCA in the southeast will be very helpful. Regular travel is expected. Confidentiality and integrity are of utmost importance in dealing with donor’s banking and financial matters. S/he shall be effective in working with volunteers and staff, shall possess excellent people skills and practice Christian hospitality. This is a deployed position, so preference will be given to applicants that live in NC, SC, GA or FL.

The primary responsibilities of the Development Officer include helping to implement the overall development plan, with an emphasis on working with mid-level donors, cultivating new donors to the annual fund, and encouraging existing donors, with the ability, to significantly increase their support to NovusWay Ministries. S/he reports directly to the Financial Development Executive Director but works with and provides information to other staff members and volunteers as needed. The Development Officer for NovusWay Ministries shall have the following specific responsibilities.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Expand and grow the annual fund with individuals, organizations, congregations, and foundations
  • Share the ministry “story” within the framework of the ministry mission to keep donors engaged. To include but not limited to:
    • Presentations in congregations or worship settings
    • At synod assemblies and other synod or ELCA functions
    • In the LINK, in ministry e-blasts, on the website pages and social media sites, working through other staff as needed.
    • At donor thank you events o Ministry or site celebrations
  • Cultivate new donors and establish relationships with existing donors who have the ability to significantly increase their support to NovusWay.
  • Set annual benchmarks for the expected number of visits to donors and donor prospects in communication with the Financial Development Executive Director, within the general guidelines of 100 visits in the first year, followed by 150+ completed visits annually (or 15 per month) after the first year.
  • Work with and support volunteers in development storytelling work, phoning, or other defined tasks.
  • Perform other duties relating to Fund Development and the future needs of NovusWay Ministries.

Travel expenses. Approved expenses will be reimbursed monthly at the current IRS rate. Air travel and rental car will be used when practical as to time and cost.

This is a deployed position. The Development Officer will meet weekly with the Financial Development Executive Director and/or the Development Team for the purpose of planning work, staff support and/or coordinating with other team members.

NovusWay development staff will meet semi-annually for training and support at one of the NovusWay sites. For approved projects (mailings, thank yous, etc.) you will receive support from the Arden office.

An annual performance review shall be provided by the Financial Development Executive Director.

The Development Officer for NovusWay Ministries will be a member of various teams to help accomplish the role. For example, these may include but are not limited to the NovusWay Staff Team, Development Team, NovusWay Ministries Budget Team, Volunteer Committees.

Compensation and Benefits 
  • The Development Officer will be a year around, full-time, and salaried position.
  • The Development Officer for NovusWay Ministries shall be a Level VA employee. This is an exempt position.
  • Health, dental, disability insurance, vacation and annual continuing education allowance will be provided according to provisions of the NovusWay personnel policies. Please e-mail resumes to

Contact Information

LaToya Ellis


NovusWay Ministries
2049 Upper Laurel Dr
Arden, NC 28704