Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Employment Opportunity

August 17, 2021

Cross of Life Lutheran Roswell & Prince of Peace Lutheran Johns Creek

Supervisor: Pastor Terri Stagner-Collier (COL) and Pastor Kevin Martin (PoP)

Position Purpose: To plan and execute joint events for the youth of COL and PoP and provide mentorship to the youth as they face life in Middle School and High School.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, publicize, recruit adult support for, and implement three events per month for the youth of COL and PoP. In months with larger Synodical (regional) events, fewer events are appropriate.
  2. These events should include opportunities for fellowship, for discipleship, and for service.
  3. Coordinate a joint Confirmation program with support from the pastors and lay teachers.
  4. Be generally available to the youth for relationship building and conversation via phone, text, etc.

See attached file for Secondary Responsibilities, Working Conditions, Qualifications, Congregational Support and Compensation, and Contract Length.

Contact Information

Pr. Kevin Martin