Conferences & Deaneries



What do know which congregation is in which conference?  CLICK HERE for a PDF to find out.

Conferences are geographic divisions of the synod. They are organized as a way for congregations to cooperate in mission and ministry with each other for the sake of the world.  

The role of conferences in the synod is outlined in Chapter 12 of the synod constitution. Conferences are the principal means through which inter-congregational worship, education, and ministry are provided. Conferences are encouraged to have at least one event per year that incorporates education and worship for its member congregations.  Conferences should have elected officials as outline in the synod constitution.  Conferences also elect representatives to the Synod Council every two years.

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A list of conference chairs and a geographical description of the conferences follows:

Conference 1-Ebenezer (East Georgia from Augusta to the Georgia coast)
Conference Chair: None

Conference 2-Good N.E.W.S (Southern Georgia from outside I-285, including Macon and Valdosta)
Conference Chair: The Rev. Dr. Shirley Redmond, Columbus, GA

Conference 3-Trinity (Inside I-285)
Conference Chair: Ms. Roxann Thompson, Decatur, GA

Conference 4-Magi (Northeast Georgia from outside of I-285, including Elberton and Hartwell)
Conference Chair: 

Conference 5-Mission (Northwest Georgia)
Conference Chair: The Rev. Dr. James Clark,  Dunwoody, GA

Conference 6-Life Together (East Tennessee from Chattanooga to Bristol, TN)
Conference Chair: 

Conference 7-Diaspora (Alabama, from Montgomery northward)
Conference Chair: 

Conference 8-The King (Middle Tennessee, Memphis, and Tupelo)
Conference Chair: Mr. Gary Wicks, Franklin, TN

Conference 9-Gulf Coast (Jackson, MS, Dothan and Mobile, AL, and congregations southward)
Conference Chair: None

The conference chair serves as a liaison between the conference and the bishop. The conference chair is elected to serve a two-year term and is eligible to serve for one additional consecutive term. 


Deaneries are smaller geographic divisions of the synod made up of the rostered ministers in an area.  Deaneries are served by a dean who is appointed by the bishop.  Synod deans serve as an extension of the Office of the Bishop and coordinate communication on behalf of the bishop, provide pastoral care to rostered ministers in their deaneries, and, in some cases work with assistants to the bishop in congregation call process work.  Deans are also available to consult with congregations on behalf of the bishop and, at the bishop's request, may represent the bishop and this synod at churchwide, synodical, conference and congregational worship services and other special events.

Coalitions are non-geographic organizations of ELCA members and congregations, organized around a particular mission or ministry focus.  Chapter 12 of the Synod Constitution states that “The purpose of such groupings shall be to foster interdependent relationships among congregations, institutions, and synodical and churchwide units for missional purposes.” (S12.01.)

The Rev David Hunter Conference 1
The Rev Jason Talsness Conference 1
The Rev Ruth Hamilton Conference 2
The Rev Fritz Wiese Conference 2
The Rev Barbara Koch Conference 2
The Rev Dr Ron Bonner Conference 3
The Rev Andrew Seibert Conference 4
The Rev Chris Hermansen Conference 5
The Rev Rick Ohsiek Conference 6
The Rev Scottie Burkhalter Conference 6
The Rev Dr John Rossing Conference 6
The Rev Gary Soop Conference 7
The Rev Carolyn Hayford Conference 7
The Rev Cliff Bahlinger Conference 8
The Rev Richard Roberts Conference 8
The Rev Dave Parr Conference 9