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COVID Response - Digital Resources


January 21, 2021, update:


December 7, 2020, update:



September 28, 2020, update:

Covid Exit Strategy -

To assess with indicators for how your state is doing



July 30, 2020, update: 

COVID-19 Podcast Updates


Dr. Michael Osterhom, one of the nation’s top infectious disease epidemiologist and director of the Center for Infectious Disease at the University of Minnesota host podcast that can be found here on the continuing challenges of COVID-19.  Dr. Osterhom, as well as being an expert in his field is also an ELCA Lutheran. 



July 14, 2020 update:

COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

This map shows the risk level of attending an event, given the event size and location (assuming 10:1 ascertainment bias).

The risk level is the estimated chance (0-100%) that at least 1 COVID-19 positive individual will be present at an event in a county, given the size of the event

Choose an event size. Use the drop-down menu to choose a county you would like to zoom in on.



Signage for Returning to your Building

These signs were built by Pr. Michael Jannett using the Canva graphic-builder.  Canva is a free tool, and is based online - no software to download!   Contact Pr. Michael Jannett for more details.



May 14, 2020 update:



March 27, 2020 update:



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March 13, 2020 update:



March 6, 2020:



March 1, 2020: