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COVID Response - Videos


To see the full list of videos regarding our COVID-19 Response videos you can scroll through this page, or simply click on the "COVID-19 Response" PLAYLIST on our YouTube channel.

November 16, 2020 update:

Bishop Kevin Strickland addresses the rise in COVID-19 cases and gives advisement for congregations


August 24, 2020 update:

Dr. Erica Bjornstad explains in this video what indicators to look at to see if your congregation is safe to resume physical gathering.  Dr. Erica Bjornstad also explains how those indicators are formulated and where you can find some of that information to guide your congregation.

"How to Understand COVID Indicators"




June 24, 2020 update:

On Tuesday, June 24, 2020, Bishop Kevin Strickland, Assistant to the Bishop Pr. Jill Henning, along with several medical professionals.

"Senior Care in the Midst of COVID-19"




June 8, 2020 update:

"Southeastern Synod COVID-19 Update for June 2020"



May 14, 2020 update:

"Guidelines for a Phased Transition to Our New Normal in the Midst of COVID-19"

The COVID-19 Southeastern Synod Guidelines Document can be found here



April 20, 2020 update:

"COVID-19 Task Force Update for April 20, 2020"

Click here to see a PDF copy of the slides used in this third video

from our synod's COVID-19 Task Force



March 20, 2020:

Click here to see a PDF copy of the slides used in this second, and very important video

from our synod's COVID-19 Task Force


"Pastor Tom Clark to Southeastern Synod Congregations regarding COVID-19 Response"






March 16, 2020 update:

"COVID-19 Information Video"


Click here to access the PDF of the PowerPoint slides used in this video.



March 12, 2020:

"Bishop Easton on COVID-19"