Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria

The Augsburg and Swabia Synod - https://www.schwaben-evangelisch.de/

During our July 2022 trip to Augsburg and the surrounding areas, we gathered for fellowship, formation, and fun.   

Check out the BLOG with pictures and comments from this June 2022 visit.

In 2017, Bishop Eritus Julian Gordy and a group from the Southeastern Synod visited our companion synod in Germany, during the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the "birth" of the Reformation.

As a sign of companionship, Bishop Michael Grabow of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria - Synod of Augsburg and Swabia and Bishop Julian Gordy planted a tree.

The location of the tree is found on the website just below, where you can find these pictures:

Luthergarten Wittenberg