Boundaries: Racial Justice Education
Monday, September 13, 2021 at 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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Boundaries: Racial Justice Education for all Rostered Ministers

Boundaries and Inclusion Education in the synods of Region 9 “expands the boundaries conversation to include racial and gender justice” (ELCA Region 9 Bishops’ Relational Agreement). This expansion of boundaries education is necessary to name and address the sin of complicated, multifaceted, and intersectional forms of discrimination, oppression, and injustice many people face. It also equips our rostered ministers to live fully into inclusive relationships with God and each other, embracing the unique cultures, personalities, and diversities of all created in the image of God.
Systemic injustice results in multiple marginalizations: “In addition to sex and gender, the experiences of individuals and groups are shaped and complicated by intersecting factors. These include race, ethnicity, national origin, nationality (including American Indian and Alaska  Native), religious identity, immigration status, sexuality, marital status, economic means, age, ability, embodied experiences, and education. This reality is known as intersectionality.”
The synods of Region 9 are developing a three-year rotation for Boundaries and Inclusion Education, beginning in 2021. Building an inclusive community is not an event that has a beginning and an end but is a process that continuously evolves. This education will also continue to evolve to include additional intersecting factors. Region 9 Boundaries and Inclusion Education is mandatory for all Region 9 rostered ministers, interns, seminarians, and candidates for ministry per “Statement of Policy and Protocol Regarding Boundaries and Inclusion Education for Rostered Ministers.”
Boundaries and Inclusion Education: Racial Justice aims to engage, equip, and empower participants in their reflection, conversation, and awareness education around racial justice and injustices related to systemic racism and white supremacy.
Each Boundaries and Inclusion Education: Racial Justice Session will include:
  • Welcome and Opening Worship (20 min)
  • Impact of Bias: How our Lens Impacts our Ministry (60 min)
  • Danger of a Single Story: Deconstructing Assumptions (60 min)
  • Fish bowl: Sharing Lived Experiences (60 min)
  • Sending Worship (10 min)

  • Registration
    • Aug 1: Registration Opens (link to come)
    • Sep 1:  Registration Closes  
  • ​Boundaries and Inclusion Education Opportunities (choose only ONE to attend)
    • Sep 13 (Monday), 12pm-5pm ET & AT / 11am-4pm CT
    • Oct 9 (Saturday), 10am - 3pm ET & AT / 9am - 2pm CT
    • Nov 16 (Tuesday), 10am-3pm ET / 9am-2pm CT / 11am-4pm AT