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2022 Lenten Devotional

As we embark on the 40 day journey of reflection, prayer, meditation, self-examination, and turning back to God, the En Conjunto Task Force invites you to reflect with us on the theme, "What does it mean to live en conjunto (together)?" How has, is, and will God call us and form us into the beloved community? What is God speaking into our shared spaces, our collective heart, as we journey with Jesus and the whole church to the cross? Welcome to this Lenten experience.

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Preaching Workshops

Come and learn from excellent preaching leaders.


Faith-Formation in a Post-Pandemic World

ELCA Region 9 workshop in 4 parts, dealing with the question:  What will faith formation look like as we emerge from the pandemic in Fall 2021 and beyond?


Being Church in a Digital Age

A 3-week series dedicated to navigating Faith Formation in an online world.


Faith Formation Days

A 4-week series held in October 2020


Seminary Classes for Everyone!  (The Candler Foundry)

Looking to do some theological exploration?  Check out what Emory has to offer at the Candler Foundry

Theological explorations designed to help individuals and congregations grow spiritually, reflect deeply, and engage issues that matter to their communities.

Check out The Candler Foundry online!


The Candler Foundry is an initiative of Candler School of Theology at Emory University.


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