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Formation Vision

We offer most of these workshops at little to no cost.  To help us in providing these workshops, or if you benefitted in any way from these workshops, please feel free to make a gift, and designate FORMATION.

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Vocation as Formation with Pr. Drew Tucker

Pr. Drew Tucker
Held on March 26, 2023

We often imagine formation as a part of vocation; we are formed with certain knowledge or skills for particular vocations, like careers, family, or citizenship. Certainly, that is true. It's also true that, through our vocations, we are formed into the image and likeness of God. Genesis tells us that this work begins at Creation, while 2 Corinthians reminds us that formation is not a one-time event, but a process, as we are constantly being transformed into the image of Christ Jesus. This workshop will explore the dynamic relationship between Christian vocation and faith formation, as well as emphasize the distinction between our identities and our vocations, by introducing practical resources that individuals and congregations can easily implement.

 Baptismal Promises - Conversations in Lent

Mon, Feb 13, and Mondays in Lent, 7-8pm ET / 6-7pm CT

The call to discipleship begins in our baptism.  As such, we are on a lifelong journey of hope, forgiveness, and focus.   Our baptism sets us free to love and serve.   We focus on loving and serving by reflecting on the baptismal promises made by sponsors or ourselves.  In Lent of 2023, we will gather the synod together ONLINE to share in this re-discovering of the gift of BAPTISM.

Each session will be held on a Monday evening (7-8 pm ET / 6-7 pm CT) in Lent (except for the kick-off event) and will be recorded and shared (along with a handout for discussion/reflection) by the next Wednesday morning for personal or congregational use.

Here is what our series will look like:

  • Session 1 – Monday, February 13 (*** before Lent ***) – Baptism & Discipleship - link to content/video
  • Session 2 – Monday, February 27 – “Live among God’s faithful people” - link to content/video
  • Session 3 – Monday, March 6 – “Hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper” - link to content/video
  • Session 4 – Monday, March 13 – “Proclaim the Good News of God in Christ through word and deed” - link to content/video
  • Session 5 – Monday, March 20 – “Serve all people, following the example of Jesus” - link to content/video
  • Session 6 – Monday, March 27 – “Strive for justice and peace in all the earth” - link to content/video

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Preaching Workshops

Come and learn from excellent preaching leaders.


Faith-Formation in a Post-Pandemic World

ELCA Region 9 workshop in 4 parts, dealing with the question:  What will faith formation look like as we emerge from the pandemic in Fall 2021 and beyond?


Being Church in a Digital Age

A 3-week series dedicated to navigating Faith Formation in an online world.


Faith Formation Days

A 4-week series held in October 2020


Seminary Classes for Everyone!  (The Candler Foundry)

Looking to do some theological exploration?  Check out what Emory has to offer at the Candler Foundry

Theological explorations designed to help individuals and congregations grow spiritually, reflect deeply, and engage issues that matter to their communities.

Check out The Candler Foundry online!


The Candler Foundry is an initiative of Candler School of Theology at Emory University.


For First Call Theological Education, click here.