Global Mission & Companion Synods

Global Mission

The ELCA is actively engaged in ministry around the world.  The 2017-18 Annual Directory - Journey with the Global Church - describes our ministry around the world and introduces you to those who are on the ground doing that work as missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM).

The Southeastern Synod currently partners with two couples who are serving as long-term missionaries.

Rev. Dr. Eric Trozzo and Rev. Wendolyn Trozzo (left) serve as missionaries in Malaysia.  Both serve through the Lutheran Study Centre at Sabah Thological Seminary.

You can learn more and contact them through their blog here.

Learn more about global mission in the ELCA here.  You will also find access to the Annual Directory on the ELCA website here. To learn how your financial gifts help support the ELCA and global ministries, please watch  this short video on Mission Support in the church.  Global Mission Updates is another helpful resourse.  Published twice a year, the 2018 spring edition may be found here

Companion Synods

As a participant in the ELCA Companion Synod Program, the ELCA Southeastern Synod engages in companionship with five church bodies around the world: Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala (ILAG); the Lutheran Church in Malaysia; the Lutheran Church in Singapore; the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria; and the La Crosse Area Synod in Wisconsin.

Companionships are bilateral relationships between ELCA synods and congregations in the United States and either church bodies in other countries or other synods here in the ELCA. The Companion Synod Program is a concrete expression of the communion fellowship among the 140 member churches of the Lutheran World Federation and an exciting way ELCA members can engage in global mission.

For more information on our partnership with the ILAG, contact the Rev. Stephen Friedrich or the Rev. Justin Eller.

For more information on our partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, contact Mr. Bill AlderferMs. Debbie Lundell, or the Rev. Michael Jannett.  

For more information on our partnership with the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and the Lutheran Church in Singapore, contact the Rev. Jonathan Hemphill.  

For information on our other companion synod partnerships, contact the Rev. Jill Henning