Southeastern Synod ELCA

Ignite the Church Conference 2020

Tuesday, February 11 2020 to Thursday, February 13 2020

Are you looking for a continuing ed event to inspire, encourage & challenge your ministry? Would Florida in February be a blessing?

Consider attending the Ignite the Church Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 11-13. In addition to 4 large group gatherings with talks and panel discussions on topics related to Congregational Vitality, there will be 12 intensive electives on a wide range of important topics like Reaching Younger Generations, Expanding Kingdom Impact, Church Renewal and Discipleship, Renewing Music, Vitality through Mission, Engaging Your Neighborhood, Evangelism, Social Justice, and Raising Up and Equipping Leaders. There will also be a field trip to Orlando's Castle Church Brewing Community, one of the ELCA’s newest and most unique mission starts.

The $99 Super Early Bird registration rate includes 2 meals and snacks when you register by November 30th. Rates increase to $109 in December and $129 in January. 75 Leaders from 20 states attended last year's gathering.
All conference proceeds are donated to the ELCA Fund for Leaders. Last year's gift totaled $2500.
For more information go to  We hope to see you there! 

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