Middle Tennessee Tornado Response

As of March 25, 2020, we have slowed down our response to this disaster, due to the coronavirus.  We wish to slow down the spread of this virus by asking volunteers to come only after the threat of this virus has subsided.    We continue to pray for our friends and loved ones in Middle Tennessee as they continue to recover.   We are in touch with them and continue to prepare for further responses as soon as we are give the opportunity.  Thank you to the 5,000+ volunteers who have already been in Middle Tennessee!

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Check out Pr. Morgan Gordy's blog post to give further clarification about Disaster Response amidst the Coronavirus  (3/19/2020)

Check out our "on the ground" synod disaster response efforts by reading this article by Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Advocacy, Pr. Matt Steinhauer (3/13/2020)

You can make an impact now, by making a donation designated to
"Southeastern Synod Disaster Response".  Thank you!


We are making periodic updates.  Please note timestamps for each post below.

To continue to raise awareness of the situation, we share the following photo albums in the hopes that we might all appreciate the responses of the volunteers and financial assistance being given in the relief efforts, as well as the serious nature of the devastation of this tornado.

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Posted 3/7/2020, 1:15pm EST


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Posted 3/6/2020, 4:39pm EST


Inspiritus is now accepting volunteer applications via WeInspirit.org/volunteer-application

Or, call 404-797-3679 to sign up.

Inspiritus has also put together a brief fact sheet regarding the tornado disaster response plan here, if you wish to be more informed about their response and how you can help.  (Download here.)

 (See the graphic at the top of this page, or click here if you wish to download and print as a flyer.)

Posted 3/6/2020, 10:19am EST

Please know the ELCA is responding to the need for relief efforts.  See their comprehensive listing of resources on their Lutheran Disaster Response website by CLICKING HERE.

Also, Inspiritus, a ministry partner with the Southeastern Synod is coordinating relief efforts.  See the Inspiritus website for more information on their efforts in partnership with our synod.

Posted: 3/3/2020 10:00pm EST

As more reports have come in, we are starting to refer to this as the Middle Tennessee Tornado.   We have learned that great losses have been suffered in areas like Mt. Juliet and Putnam County, including the loss of life.   We are working diligently on bringing physical, emotional, and spiritual support throughout the Middle Tennessee area.    Please continue to return to this page to find out the latest responses.

Posted: 3/3/2020 5:25pm EST

Our disaster response team, along with assistance from the ELCA, Lutheran Disaster Response, and Inspiritus, is busy making plans for initial work in Middle Tennessee.  We will be acquiring a generator and tarps to help mitigate further damage or loss of materials.  The best way to help, is to donate funds at this time.  See the link above.  

ALSO, please consider using these WORSHIP RESOURCES (PDF | Word format) in your mid-week Lenten services or during an upcoming Sunday worship service.

Click here for Bishop Kevin Strickland's pastoral letter concerning the Middle Tennessee Tornado.

 (Click graphic above to play video message from Bishop Kevin Strickland)

Posted:  3/3/2020 3:58pm EST

We wish to thank everyone for their concerns about the devastating tornado damage in middle Tennessee. At approximately 12:45am, on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, a tornado created severe damage and many fatalities and injuries to the people and places in Nashville, and East Nashville, Tennessee.

We are still gathering information and will post a response soon.

For now, please consider making a donation designated to "Southeastern Synod Disaster Response", or by clicking “GIVE NOW” in the menu.

Please keep all affected in your prayers.

Thank you.

+ In Christ, the Southeastern Synod Staff