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2020 ELCA Southeastern Synod Assembly

February 20, 2020

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Your 2020 Southeastern Synod Assembly Information and Registration links are now LIVE!


This page contains all of the registration information, including hotel information and brief guest speakers bios.

2020 Synod Assembly Location:

Chattanooga Convention Center || 150 Carter Street  ||  Chattanooga, TN 37402


Each of us has a story, each of our congregations have a story, our synod has a story, the ELCA has a story and the church has a story and those stories are spun from the very Word of God.  Our Assembly will be focusing on what it means to equip, enhance, and empower us as the people of God to share our story, but more importantly God’s story of grace with all people.

Bible Study Leader

We are pleased to welcome the Rev. Dr. Guy Erwin, Bishop of the Southwest California Synod, as our Bible Study leader as we connect our story with God’s through scripture. 

Key Note Speaker

The Rev. CeCee Mills, the Associate Director for Evangelical Mission for the North Carolina Synod will be our Key Note Speaker, who will help us to reclaim the word evangelical in our denomination name and to really be “good news” people.

Churchwide Representative

Our Churchwide Representative this year will be Ms. Dana Dutcher, who will help us to see how God’s story is being lived out across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and through her work in Global Missions.

During this Assembly, we will have opportunities to become equipped to live out our discipleship through workshops offered before the Assembly begins on Friday at 9:00 a.m. and two additional opportunities on Saturday morning and afternoon.  Details of the variety of workshops and hearings (opportunities to discuss actions before the Assembly) will be published on the Assembly website and App in the coming weeks.
We will also gather to do the work of the church together in our plenary sessions.  Along with the business of the Assembly, the Assembly may be asked to consider Resolutions or Memorials for adoption by the Assembly.  All Resolutions or Memorials must be submitted to the Synod Office by 5:00 p.m. on April 24, 2020.  Important information concerning deadlines for submission of Resolutions and Memorials may be found in the Assembly Materials folder in the Assembly App and on the website here.
As church together, we will also worship together, and you need not be registered for the Assembly to attend worship.  All are welcome!  This year we will gather for worship all three days of our Assembly, and this year we gather on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. for a Revival Service with Holy Communion.  The Synod Council has designated three causes as the recipient of the 2020 Assembly Offerings.  On Friday, our offering will go to the Southeastern Synod Youth Ministry Financial Assistance Fund, which will allow for scholarships so any youth can attend a youth ministry opportunity.  On Saturday, our offering will go to support Evangelism Support to allow congregations to apply for Evangelism grants to support sharing their story in their community.  Finally, our Sunday offering will go to the H. Julian Gordy Scholarship for the Fund for Leaders, which allows for a seminarian to receive a scholarship to attend seminary.
Because we have been blessed to be a blessing, we are also inviting congregations to host a “new book” drive to gather storybooks for children.  The Synod Assembly Committee will work with local charities to get books into the hands of children in need.  Voting members, visitors, and volunteers can participate by bringing new children's books to the Assembly.
EXHIBITORS:  We will continue to host the ministry exhibits this year on Friday and Saturday.  Prospective exhibitors should click here for the schedule of exhibitor fees.  Remember that additional costs exist for a display table if you are not a Southeastern Synod Committee, Task Force, or Agency.  All exhibitors MUST register online.  Registration for exhibitors will not be available on-site. This applies to volunteers as well. 
We could not be church together without the countless number of volunteers that are needed to assist staff during the Assembly and to promote hospitality.  If you would like to volunteer, you will be provided with instructions when you register for Assembly at the link below.  If you have any questions about how to volunteer, please contact Ms. Bernice Bland at or 404-423-6563.
The link to the hotel reservation at the Chattanooga Downtown Marriott may be found here. The room rate is $149.00 plus taxes and fees per night through May 12, 2020.
Online Assembly Registration is now open through April 30. There is a cost savings for early registrations completed through Tuesday, March 31st.  Standard registration fees apply April 1-30.  Registration after April 30, must be made onsite at Assembly and will be higher in cost than registration made online.  Click the link below to register.

PLEASE NOTE:  we will be adding all participant email addresses to our synod e-news to ensure greater communications in our synod.  Users always have the right to unsubscribe via the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of our synod e-news.


For questions related to our 2020 Synod Assembly, please contact Rev. Jill Henning:
Rev. Jill J. Henning
Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership and Administration
ELCA Southeastern Synod