2021 Fall Convocation Cancelled

August 16, 2021


Dear friends in Christ,

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that the Fall Convocation is being cancelled. Out of an abundance of caution, concern and overall care for the wellbeing and health of all; it is not safe for us to gather at this time. With the rise in COVID cases and the DELTA variant, we are not at a place in our four states to mitigate would be a very risky gathering. Even vaccinated and wearing masks would not eliminate all the unforeseen risks. I know you are disappointed by this news. Trust me, I am too. But, I encourage you to keep the faith, stay strong, and be good encouragers of one another. More than ever we need everyone banding together to encourage masks to be worn in all indoor spaces, worship gatherings to be risk accessed, vaccinations encouraged, and a phasing back of in person gatherings. These are all needed things until we as a country are able to more fully maintain and reduce the spread of this unending virus. If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to me or Pastor Jill Henning. And if you have already registered, Ms. Holly Liersch will be in touch with a refund for your registration.
Again, my deepest apologies that we are having to make this decision, but I can only pray that we can be together again soon. May God continue to strengthen you and sustain you in these days.

In Christ,

      +Bishop Kevin Strickland