All Creation Sings - ELW Hymnal Supplement

April 19, 2021

Brief descriptions of the 200 assembly songs in All Creation Sings are now available with a subscription to These give context to the hymn or song through biographical background, lectionary or Scripture connections, or usage suggestions.

The All Creation Sings website includes videos of selected hymns and songs, several blog posts, an overview webinar, and a resource to support introducing ACS in synods and congregations.

The Association of Lutheran Church Musicians (ALCM) is sponsoring a free webinar focused on the assembly song in All Creation Sings. Learn more at Augsburg Fortress will offer a webinar focused on the liturgical content of All Creation Sings in June 2021.

Pew, Accompaniment and Leaders editions are available for purchase. Introductory pricing for the Pew edition is available until June 15, 2021.