Celebration of Grace - Canton, GA - Donates Church Furniture

July 01, 2021

Celebration of Grace Lutheran Church
P. O. Box 5025
Canton, GA 30014

Contact Person: Mary Johnson, Council President
Phone: 678-662-9297
Email: mary.johnson7117@gmail.com

Celebration of Grace Lutheran would like to donate four items to the Synod to be available to any church that is interested in picking them up at our church Public Storage space in Canton, Georgia. The three pieces of furniture are a matching design style, and the descriptions and photos are as follows:

1.  One box of 26 LBW Green Hymnals in good condition

2.  Altar (7-feet long X 3-feet wide X 3-feet 2-inches high) made of solid blond wood.

3.  Octagonal Baptismal Font without basin (3-feet diameter X 3-feet tall) made of solid blond wood to match altar.

4.  Pulpit (33-inches wide X 44-inches tall X 18-inches deep) made of solid blond wood to match altar and baptismal font.