Economic and Ecological Justice Training Opportunities

June 14, 2021

The following is an advertisement from the Wendleand-Cook Program at Vanderbilt University...

Are you a faith leader or clergy person looking for resources on economic and ecological justice to use in your community or congregational work?

Would you be interested in joining other faith leaders and clergy in a focus group conversation on your needs and interests in online training on economic and ecological justice?
Then we've got a special opportunity for you!

We'd love to connect with you and offer you a first look at some of the online trainings the Wendland-Cook Program is developing.

In the fall, we're planning on launching an online training hub, Exchanges

Exchanges is a digital space for discussion, learning, and engagement on issues of economics, ecology, and religion. 
Here are a few selections of our forthcoming trainings:

1. “Redefining Essentialness Apart from Capitalism: Intersections of Economy, Ecology, and Religion.”
2. "Organizing Church: Lessons from Broad-based Community Organizing that can Strengthen the Church."
3. "Reclaiming the Labor Movement: Religion, Labor, and Deep Solidarity."

Don't miss out on the chance for a first look at these resources.

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