ELCA Advocacy - 2020 Federal Policy Priorities

December 01, 2020

Here is some excellent information on ELCA Advocacy’s current legislative focus.
The church’s advocacy officers, who work out of Washington, D.C., are also actively advocating for stimulus relief for the pandemic.
Here is a link to find your Congressman and U.S. Senator, should you wish to contact them about any advocacy issue.
House: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
Senate: https://www.senate.gov

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the ELCA Advocacy's 2020 Federal Policy Priorities

As State Legislatures in our Synod, and the U.S. Congress finishes one session and transitions to another, now is the time to equip one’s self with information, to take action on behalf of those God is turned toward.