FEMA Covid-19 Funeral Costs

April 27, 2021

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced it will provide financial support to offset the cost of funeral services for COVID-19 victims. The financial support is available for individuals who died in the US from COVID-19 (documented on the death certificate) after January 20, 2020, and while applicants must be US citizens or residents, there is no citizenship or residency requirement for the deceased individuals. FEMA is offering up to US$9,000 per funeral, and applicants can submit requests for multiple COVID-19 victims, up to US$35,500 per application. Among its many roles, FEMA supports disaster relief, and this effort will help mitigate the financial burden on the families of COVID-19 victims. Some of the funding for this program was allocated in the December 2020 federal COVID-19 relief package, which provided US$2 billion to FEMA to cover funeral costs for COVID-19 victims in 2020.