Miracles - A Hermeneutic for Evangelical Catholics

March 01, 2021

Mark Ellingsen, an ELCA pastor in our Synod who teaches at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, just had an article published in the Fall issue of Lutheran Forum which will be of interest to pastors and laity who want to preach and teach the miracles of the Bible with integrity.  Titled "A Hermeneutic for Evangelical Catholics" [that's who Lutherans are], Mark shows us how we can affirm and preach the miracles in an intellectually credible way without becoming Fundamentalistic.  It seems that if we use the scientific method, present and proclaim the miracles, express openness to their disproof, provide arguments for why they should be believed, then if the reasons we give are good ones, such claims are no less plausible than any other historical or scientific claim.  Mark's article can help you be a little bolder in your preaching and teaching!      
Interested in seeing it yourself?  You can get access to the article through the Interlibrary Loan staff at your local library (ask them to get you access to the Fall 2020 issue of the Lutheran Forum, pp.43-47 or get the magazine yourself through its offices www.alpb.org or the editor at submissions.lutheranforum@gmail.com.   

Mark would be happy to correspond with you about the article if you're interested at mellingsen@itc.edu.    
Click HERE to learn more about Rev. Dr. Mark Ellingsen on his ITC (Interdenominational Theological Center) staff page.

Rev. Dr. Ellingsen has written 21 books and hundreds of articles.