Portico News - March 2021 UPDATE

March 15, 2021

Portico Benefit Services offers THREE major updates:

  • SWORD - Virtual Therapy for Joint Pain
  • How to get the Best Rest!
  • Questions about Taxes???

SWORD - Virtual Therapy for Joint Pain

Stress is a pain in the neck: If you’re literally feeling the effects of too many hours staring at a computer screen, sitting in a not-so-ergonomically-correct chair, or carrying a year’s worth of pandemic worries in your shoulders,  Members with ELCA-primary health benefits now have access to SWORD, a virtual therapy program for joint pain available at no out-of-pocket cost. Watch this short video for an introduction, and learn more about SWORD on myPortico .
SWORD Intro video:                                                            SWORD Video on myPortico (login req'd):
2021 LIVE WELL - Getting Good Rest and Living WELL

Get the best rest. Good sleep is as much a factor of whole-person well-being as diet, exercise, and prayer. Check out the small steps you can take to set yourself up for healthy sleep on 2021 Live Well. Focusing on sleep for part of your Lent journey? ELCA-Primary members, both Being and Learn to Live offer more in-depth coaching and tracking that can help you make meaningful, lasting change.
            Live Well website:                                                                           BEING (Sleep program):

Learn to Live (Mental Health; login req'd):


Questions about Taxes?

The Richard R. Hammar Clergy Tax Guide and the Federal Reporting Guide for Churches are both available on myPortico at no cost to you.

Tax Planning Resources (login req'd):