Rev. Dr. Judith Spindt Announced as Region 9 BIE Coordinator

August 10, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. Judith Spindt has been selected to serve as the Region 9 Boundaries and Inclusion Education Coordinator. Join us in welcoming her to be a part of our regional expression of the Church.

Primary responsibilities of the Region 9 BIE Coordinator:

  • Lead in growing and, where necessary, developing Region 9 BIE content, curriculum, digital resources
  • Assist synodical staff in administering Region 9 Boundaries and Inclusion Education
  • Serve as primary point of contact for Region 9 BIE and manage the working group and all elements therein.
  • Track attendance for Region 9 BIE events and communicate it back to the Synods
  • Help build and maintain a bilingual Region 9 BIE webpage with relevant information nested within one of the Region 9 Synod’s websites
  • Arrange and oversee BIE trainings, registrations, and communications
  • Prepare fact sheets and other documents that support Region 9 BIE activities
  • Remain abreast of other Boundaries and Inclusion programming and resources from around the ELCA

To contact the Rev. Dr. Judith Spindt, use the following email address:

To read the announcement regarding her role, and to learn more about Rev. Spindt, click HERE