Southeastern Synod ELCA

Southeastern Synod's Response to Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

As of 4/3/2020, here is the information we have gathered regarding the Coronavirus as it pertains to the worshiping communities of the Southeastern Synod.   Our scope is for ALL to be healthy and well, and the best way for us to do this is to be responsive to the way we guide and conduct our activities in our various worship settings.

The responses you see here, as expansive as they are, still focus on care for our worshiping communities.  Please continue to use local, state-wide, and national resources as you see fit.

Here are some links that should be helpful for you, as a more comprehensive response to the Coronavirus.


Updates from your Synod Leadership

See Bishop Kevin Strickland's Pastoral Letter Concerning Holy Communion Practices in this unprecedented time (4/3/2020)

Coping with COVID-19 - A Pyscho-Spiritual Approach (Posted 3/27/2020)

Read Bishop Strickland's Letter to Rostered Ministers about Worship in a Virtual Age  (Posted 3/20/2020)

Here is our second COVID-19 response video.  Please take a few minutes to watch this important video.

Click here to see a PDF copy of the slides used in this second, and very important video from our coronavirus response team in our synod .

A Statement from Timothy Wengert regarding Holy Communion  (mentioned in Bishop Strickland's Letter about Worship in a Virtual Age)   (Posted 3/20/2020)

Letter from our synod's COVID-19 Response Team Leader, Dr. Erica Bjornstad (3/19/2020)

VIDEO:  Pastor Tom Clark to SES congregations RE COVID-19 response  (3/22/2020)

VIDEO:  Bishop Kevin Strickland and VP Imran Siddiqui share a pastoral word  (3/20/2020)

VIDEO:  Assistant to the Bishop Pr. Jill Henning, and Dr. Erica Bjornstad give guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic (and the PDF of PPT slides found in video)   (3/20/2020)

See this letter from Bishop Kevin Strickland and staff  (Posted 3/12/2020, 10:10pm EST)

Bishop Kevin Strickland's Pastoral Letter Regarding Coronavirus(Posted 3/8/2020; Includes responses from other church leaders, as well.)​

BLOG (Pr. Morgan Gordy):  How to care for our most vulnerable during a pandemic. (Posted 3/13/2020)


ELCA-Related Updates related to Coronavirus:

 VIDEO: Message from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton | March 28, 2020
ELCA Worship in the Home Blog (updated weekly)

FAQs in time of COVID-19 for faith-based leaders from DHHS (3/27/2020)

ELCA Public Health page

LEAD - a group dedicated to resourcing faith leaders - is helping to provide holistic care for faith leaders in this difficult time of crisis.

Worship in Times of Public Health Concerns  (A resource from the ELCA)

ELCA Executive for Worship in the ELCA recommends no intinction for Holy Communion (NPR radio spot).

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton addresses concerns about COVID-19​.

Congregational Planning Checklist for a Pandemic  (A Lutheran Disaster Response resource)

Other resources related to Coronavirus:

CDC's Response on preventing Coronavirus.

Click here to sign up to make cloth Face Mask Covers