Stewardship for All Seasons

March 01, 2021

We are thrilled to have Rev. Mike Ward of GSB Fundraising back with our synod to lead Stewardship for All Seasons. The purpose of Stewardship For All Seasons (SAS) is to guide pastors and congregation leaders to learn tried and true basic principles and effective methodologies to carry out productive stewardship programs. Learn how to do year-round, on-going stewardship resulting in more money for ministry, more energized stewards, and a culture of generosity. This is more than stewardship. This is the development mentality for the congregation.

The program begins in May. The fee is $3500/year and our synod is willing to underwrite up to a maximum of $2000 total for each congregation. Contact for more information and to determine an appropriate cost sharing for the fee.  

A brochure for the program is available here.