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Stewardship Resources - October 20, 2020

October 19, 2020

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Did you know that many congregations receive over 35% of their giving in the last three months of the calendar year?  Many households also make their designated or special gifts in the last week of the year.   Now is the time to start planning!
Did you know that the electronic giving platform, has discovered that over the last three years that
  • 72% of electronic giving is done via a mobile app
  • 20% of electronic giving is done online and 7% via text
  • 72% of contributions are made on days other than Sunday
  • 50% of dollars contributed are by recurring gifts from 15% of households?
Have you seen the incredible stewardship videos at They’re short and very informative. How does mission/vision and values impact giving? Check out Rev. Danielle DeNise. Josselyn Bennett refreshes our storytelling skills, Reva Hardina shares the latest changes in SOFIA and Nick Kiger shares the connections between stories and Mission Support.
Are you asked by members of your congregation where their mission support goes? There’s a great 4-minute video that can be shown (even over ZOOM!) during your annual meeting. Check out: (or see the video below).

Where does your offering go? from ELCA on Vimeo.


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