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THRIVE and Generosity / Gratitude Video Request

July 8, 2020

Greetings from Bishop Kevin Strickland and the entire Southeastern Synod Staff!

We invite you to produce a 60-second or less video (or even still photos) that captures the concept of what it means for your ministry / congregation to THRIVE in these times. We know that generosity and gratitude help to inform the concept of thriving.

We are embarking on a video production throughout our synod to help us all see how – even in the midst of worldly struggles – the Church is still thriving, especially where we see generosity and gratitude in response to God’s grace. That looks different in each ministry and in each congregation.

In this video, we want you to answer one question: “Where do I see the Church thriving today?”

To help you out, please consider the following:

What does it mean to Thrive? 
To respond with energy and enthusiasm; to flourish

The Church thrives on gratitude and responds with generosity.
This cycle of gratitude and generosity helps the Church to flourish.

As you create these videos and pictures, we would like for you to hold up a sign (perhaps using poster board) that says “Thriving is…” Your story will fill in the rest of that sentence. Your story will be how we know what thriving looks like in your ministry in our synod. PLEASE SUBMIT BY JULY 21, 2020.