Trauma Responsive Program for Congregations

August 16, 2021

Trauma Response Program for Congregations:

All congregations respond to trauma. Responding well can lead to thriving—in the life of our congregations, our neighborhoods, and our cities. Trauma Response Program foster mutual learning among a network of educators and congregational leaders to generate theologically robust, interdisciplinary, and innovative responses to collective trauma that are deeply integrated into the mission of thriving urban congregations. Learn more by attending one of two information sessions on 8/18 and 8/23. If selected, a Lily grant in the amount of $12,500 will be awarded to help with your program/ministry. Application Deadline: September 30th, 2021.
Boston University School of Theology’s Trauma Response Program for Congregations brings together a team of theological mentors, subject matter experts, and community leaders to create a network of support to accompany nine congregations. The program is supported by a diverse and committed leadership team. As part of Lilly Endowment’s “Thriving Congregations Initiative,” our team affirms that congregational thriving depends on attention to multiple layers of harm (individual/institutional/societal; social/economic/political) and longstanding effects of generational trauma and systemic inequalities. Faith matters in relation to all of these!