Gerald (Jerry) Weyrauch


Mr. Jerry Weyrauch addressing the 2019 Southeastern Synod Leadership Convocation
at Lutheridge, Arden, NC

Mr. Gerald (Jerry) H. Weyrauch – a philanthropist and a champion of suicide prevention ministry – died on Monday, January 10, 2022.   We give thanks for the life and legacy of this dear saint.
Jerry and his wife, Elsie, worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the tragedy of suicide.   In June 1987, their daughter, Terry Ann Weyrauch, M. D., died by suicide at the age of 34.  Jerry worked tirelessly in suicide prevention efforts and worked with suicide survivors from all walks of life.
A lot of Jerry’s work on suicide prevention can be found here, on the Suicide Prevention Ministry website:   Jerry’s hope was that this site and the resources found here might prove to be helpful as you or your loved ones struggle with suicide.  The mission of the Suicide Prevention Ministry is: “To call on faith communities and equip them to reduce stigma, promote awareness, and provide training and resources to prevent suicide, and to help those who struggle with mental illness, their family, and their friends.”
At the 2021 ELCA Southeastern Synod Assembly, the Southeastern Synod named Jerry Weyrauch as the recipient of the Robert S. and Jean E. Graetz Advocacy Award, as a way to recognize his dedication toward suicide prevention and awareness.
Jerry lived in Marietta, GA, and was a member of the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, in Marietta, GA.
A funeral will be held for Jerry sometime in spring 2022. 
+ + + + +
Merciful God, you heal the broken in heart and bind up the wounds of the afflicted.
Strengthen us in our weakness, calm our troubled spirits,
and dispel our doubts and fears.
In Christ’s rising from the dead,
you conquered death and opened the gates to everlasting life.
Renew our trust in you that by the power of your love
we shall one day be brought together again with our brother, Jerry.
Grant this, we pray, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mr. Jerry Weyrauch receives the Bob & Jean Graetz Award at the 2021 Southeastern Synod Assembly.