Online Worship and Faith Formation Resources

This page is dedicated to helping our worshiping communities transition to an online platform.  We will make every attempt to provide basic instructions to help you take the first few steps to helping your people gather online for worship and other types of gatherings.

Being Church in a Digital Age

Access our 3-week workshop on the shift in digital values and hybrid connectivity

Tracking Online Attendance 

(What do we record?  Here is what the ELCA suggests)

Beginner's Guide to Moving Worship (and Faith Formation) ONLINE! 

(Please note:  This is a Google Doc, since we will be editing this document over the next week or two.  It's sort of an unfinished product, but we want to give you all that we can as soon as we can.)

What Equipment / Software do I Need??? 

(Click this link to find out some basics.)

Resources from Vibrant Faith for Moving Faith Formation Online

Webinar: Moving Faith Formation Online

Holy Week resources for for children and youth (Website)

A Guide to Moving Faith Formation Online (PDF)

Curation of Resources for Moving Faith Formation Online (PDF)

Facebook Live, YouTube Live, recordings uploaded to YouTube, Zoom...these are just a few ways we can use online platforms to gather God's faithful together for a time of worship or study.  Here are some videos and documents to guide you.  This will be a mixture of resources developed and / or curated by your synod staff for your guidance as you navigate towards a new medium:  Online Worship & Study.

Assistant to the Bishop Pr. Michael Jannett shares how to use ZOOM
for online worship / gatherings / studies

(Here is the PDF of instructions found in video.)

Other Helpful documents when using Zoom

  1. PDF to go along with video for Zoom for Congregational Use.
  2. How to MUTE all participants in Zoom (to be used during times of quiet or one-way directional leading)
  3.  Using BREAKOUT ROOMS in Zoom (When wishing to separate a large group into smaller groups)
  4. ZoomBombing - How Folks Can Take Advantage of Your Meeting and How You Can Prepare.
  5. Seth Godin's Tips for Video Conference Call Etiquette.
  6. Finally, if you want all viewers to be seen equally in Zoom, choose "Gallery View" instead of "Speaker View."

Here are helpful links to FREE resources in this uncertain time of pandemic.  Many thanks to these providers for extending these generous offers.

  1. Christ in Our Home - FREE Email Subscription.
  2. Free live stream licensing from One License.
  3. Free licensing from Augsburg Fortress for sharing liturgy online. (Extended through July 31, 2020!!!)