Our highlighted ministry for the fourth quarter of 2019 is Lutheran Church of the Messiah (Decatur, GA).
From Pastor Josh Linman…"LCM has been part of the Decatur community since 1932. After many years of declining attendance, the people of Messiah wondered if there was much life left for their church. However, after going through the Southeastern Synod’s Transformational Ministry 2.0 process, God opened the eyes of Messiah’s leaders to another option: RESURRECTION!"
Trusting in the promise of the empty tomb, Messiah made the bold decision to close the book on the story of Messiah and launch as a new church community with a new name, identity, and purpose. As NEW MESSIAH prepares to launch, there are two large items beyond our current budget that would greatly aid our ability to welcome new people and more fully engage the Decatur community:

  1. Purchasing flexible seating to replace the pews in the sanctuary. With limited space available in our building and our desire to engage more community groups we want to have maximum flexibility in our sanctuary. Having chairs instead of pews would give us that flexibility and allow us to host community meals and other events in the sanctuary and make the space more comfortable and accessible for all people. 
  2. Installing flat screen TVs in the sanctuary to project song lyrics and use media during worship and preaching. Learning retention increases dramatically when you reinforce your teaching with visual images. Using movie clips helps engage popular culture and tears down walls between our message and people who might be new to the whole church thing. The TVs would also allow us to dramatically reduce the amount of paper used in printing our bulletins, making it an environmentally friendly move too. 
Your partnership and generous donations will help the new Messiah welcome and engage all people in the kind of unexpected “God thing” that we have been praying God would surprise us with.