Our highlighted ministry for the first quarter of 2020 is the Kiswahili Lutheran Mission, Nashville, Tennessee and the congregation’s Bridge Elimu Program. This ministry focuses on the many academic and psychological challenges faced by newly arrived refugee youth and young adults between ages 14-20.
From Pastor Esther Ngomuo, “Many refugee students bring unique skills, strengths, and knowledge into the community and classroom. Our congregation seeks to encourage our students to share their country’s customs and culture with the wider community. The church should support maintaining the home culture and language - while balancing the importance of developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the United States and to become good citizens.”
Despite all these difficult challenges, youth and their families are interested in accessing the American school system. It is in school where youth are first exposed to the English language, come into contact with other immigrants, come to know their American teachers and peers, develop their academic skills and acquire the lifelong knowledge needed to integrate fully into their new environment.
Your partnership and generous donations will enable the Kiswahili Lutheran Mission with their efforts to help our young people better assimilate into the majority culture.