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Partners in Celebration

The Partners in Celebration Program provides an intentional way for interested individuals and Southeastern Synod congregations to support new church starts and redevelopment efforts through targeted financial contributions. It is a very realistic goal for 100 Partners in Celebration to each contribute $100+ - three or four times each year - to a featured ministry. We have the potential for these gifts to easily generate additional, unbudgeted income of $10,000 or more which would be an enormous blessing for any size ministry.  Please share this information with your congregation, family and friends.



Our highlighted ministry for the fourth quarter of 2018 is St. Paul Lutheran Church, Decatur, GA.  St. Paul recently celebrated their 64th Anniversary.  Like many Lutheran congregations in the Southeastern Synod, St. Paul has served a number of different generational communities. The envisioning for redevelopment began in 2015.  Under the banner of “Every Member of St. Paul is a Minister,”  Pastor O. Dennis Mims is helping the church to grow healthy and strong once again. 

In an effort to reconnect the congregation and the community, the church is implementing an outreach ministry initiative called ARISE which:

  • seeks to uphold St. Paul’s mission to encourage people to enter into an intimate relationship with Jesus
  • empowers the people of God
  • expands their capacity to serve others by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • provides a creative space for all generations to engage in worship and theological conversation
Other creative approaches to community outreach include bi-weekly and mid-afternoon services on Sundays; worship services that will be held at local business sites; and Drive-In Coffee & Prayer. Strategies include increased worship options, Bible Study, multi-generational programming and Small Group Ministry - with a special focus on young families with children. 

Your generous donations are greatly appreciated to meet the expenses of these outreach events.

Your tax-deductible PIC contribution should be mailed to: ELCA - Southeastern Synod, ATTN: Partners in Celebration, P.O. Box 400, Decatur, GA 30031. 

Secure on-line donations may be made through the ELCA-Southeastern Synod website link here

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