Intergenerational Mission Trip to Hattiesburg, MS

March 8, 2018

Following church on February 18, 2018, eleven disciples from Christ Our Shepherd, Peachtree City, GA  boarded the church bus for Hattiesburg, MS to work on tornado recovery.  We had a range from high school students to grandparents and found that there was work for all ages and abilities.  We had opportunities for learning new skills and time for laughter in spite of the circumstances.  

It takes a long time to recover from a natural disaster as the week before our trip marked the one year anniversary of the tornado striking the area.  The people of Hattiesburg have made a lot of progress from when we went to help in June of last year; but more needs to be done.

We have found the stories of the storm and subsequent recovery to be ones that we will remember for a long time to come.  We have realized that God's family needs to recognize that we all have the ability to help those in need.  Our church has a vision of "Connecting to Jesus' pathway of joy and life". This trip has allowed us to connect with each other through serving a community, to connect the stories of survival with God's promise of love and protection for God's people, and to connect to the realization that in our differences and sameness, God has a special place for all of us in God's world.

Submitted by Mary Brunso, member, Christ Our Shepherd, Peachtree City, GA.