Nights Alive

July 24, 2018

Nights Alive is an affordable summer mini-camp that is just for middle schoolers.  This year's Nights Alive was hosted again by Christ Lutheran Church in Nashville.  Participants stay up late and sleep late the next morning.  During this 2-night, one-day event kids engage in all kinds of fun late night stuff, water activities, music, service project, and crafts. 

This year participants starred in a music video, "Warriors not Worriers" also found on YouTube, which was written and directed by Pastor Joel Emerson.  They learned about Bible stories that happen at night and what it means to encounter God during our most troubled times.  "At some point in time, the bottom will fall out of their worlds, if it hasn't already.  When it does happen we want them to know that God is always with them even though finding our way at night is very different than in a very light world and Christology," says Pastor Ann Bassett.


Here are some of the things kids said they learned at Nights Alive:

“Bible stories I didn’t know”

“that God will help you be a warrior, not a worrier through thick and thin”

“making the music video and learning the song was cool”

“I learned about the compassion and forgiveness of God for his children”

“I learned about Elijah’s encounter with the widow”

“That some things are not worth worrying about”

“Some people will surprise you with their kindness”

“I learned about Paul and Silas”

“Letting people pick their service project task, very surprising to see great choices” 

“love tie-dying t-shirts, the water fun, and bowling”

“I learned that some things are not worth worrying about” 

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