Shades Valley Lutheran Church (Birmingham, AL) - God's Work , Our Hands

September 22, 2021

     Shades Valley Lutheran Church had 3 options for our church members to do for God's Work, Our Hands that were cross-generational - help with school kit preparations, go to Shades Creek (across from church) and clean up trash and other debris, and prepare casserole meals for the Fishes & Loaves Ministry. 
     Group 1 got a big head start on preparing items for the LWR school kits. We were given a very generous donation of left over school supplies from a local Walmart. This was a true blessing to our Happy Quilting group that puts the kits together each year. Group 2 was able to clean Shades Creek from in front of the church all the way up to Highway 280 (about a mile up the creek). They filled about 15 bags with trash that was in the creek. And Group 3 -  Fishes & Loaves ministry was able to cook 10 more casseroles for the freezer. They also prepared lunch for all the volunteers. It was a lot of hard work, but there were many smiles at the end of the day.

Contact Information

Sarah Beth Hall


720 Shades Creek Parkway
Homewood, AL 35209